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Friday, February 18, 2011

MyIdea : Bunyi itu pencemaran?

Description of the picture
The picture shows the situation of various activities in various location. There location show that this place is under development.  The poor urban planning can cause unsuitable condition because of production noise pollution. This condition will affect human activities in at certain location.
By the observation, noise pollution can occur because of the existing non-residential building and construction site and also highway. This noise could affect the school area, residential area and commercial area and in construction area itself.

The source of noise pollution in the picture.
1. Highway
2. Construction
3. Aircraft
4. Commercial area and industrial area

           1.   Highway
The source of noise pollution is because of the transportation system include motorcycle, car, lorry, bus and other type of vehicle. These vehicles produce high noise level that can interrupt other activities. Since side-by-side highway with school, housing area, and industrial area, this will result noise pollution in school, housing area, and industrial area.
            2.   Construction
The picture clearly show that the construction site face in face with the school building and adjacent with residential area. The noises from construction sites will radiate from a point source and the shape of the exposure area is generally a circle. So, the school and the residential area like housing area will be affected by noise from construction site. The noise from this source may either be steady for a long period or fluctuate over a specified period. The sound also affected the worker in the construction area
3.   Aircraft
Aircraft noise in the picture comes from airport. The distance from the school is 60 km from the school still can affect the school area. Aircraft noise pollution produced by aircraft or its components, during various phases of a flight, underneath and laterals to departure and arrival paths, over-flying while en route, or during landing. This will interrupt the activities of teaching and learning in school area.
4. Commercial area and industrial area
People residential area and school area in the picture can be disturbed by noise that originates from commercial or industrial premises. Examples are machinery noise, vehicle movements, alarms and radios. Where these occur continuously or loudly, or when they are new noises, they can be very annoying to the student in school area and resident in housing area.

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